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The R.A.R.O. International Artists In Residency program was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2014, with the interest of generating spaces for reflection and production for artists, curators, and cultural managers. Since its inception, R.A.R.O. has been responsible for forming a solid base of local artists' studios in which residents can develop their projects. Each of these spaces is directed by artists with extensive experience and diverse artistic disciplines.


The program in Barcelona offers two types of residency, the Multi-Residency with the possibility of traveling between various artistic production spaces in the city, and the Home Based Program that develops the residency in its entirety in the Casa R.A.R.O workshops.

¿how does it work?

Multi-Residency Program 


The key element in the Multi-Residency program is the opportunity to create, collaborate and explore different artist spaces in the city during the residency period.


During the Multi-Residency the artists will begin their process in the studios of the R.A.R.O network that they have chosen. These studios are specialized in different techniques, and there artists will be able to delve deeper into the technical aspects and provide the initial bases for their projects. This will also allow them to get to know different artistic production spaces in Barcelona, while sharing their projects and generating connections with different artists, curators and other people involved in the artistic and cultural sphere of the city. Later, during the final phase of the residency, the artists will converge at Casa R.A.R.O. where in addition to sharing a creation space with all the other residents of the month, they will also have the guidance and curatorial support of the entire team towards the Open Studio as the end of their residency, and will allow them to reach an optimal conclusion to their projects.


Within the studios of the R.A.R.O. network artists will be able to find a wide variety of artistic techniques that vary from the most traditional ones such as painting, sculpture and printmaking, to new media, video art, installation and performance.


The Multi-Residency works as a platform to connect residents with local and international artists, while they work and deepen their work and the professionalization of their artistic career.

REMEMBER: Multi-Residenciy = One or two studios of your choice (depending on the duration of the residency) + 2 weeks at Casa R.A.R.O. (At least).


Home Based Program


The Home Based Program residency invites artists to work on their research and artistic production projects in the studios of Casa R.A.R.O. throughout the course of the entire residency. With this, residents will be able to focus completely on the development of their projects, with the conceptual and technical follow-up of the R.A.R.O team, and sharing space with local artists who are permanent residents at Casa R.A.R.O. 

REMEMBER: Home Based Program = The complete residence at Casa R.A.R.O

At the end of the residency, both the Multi-Residency and Home Based Program residents will have the opportunity to show the work process carried out during the residency in the Open Studio that takes place in the Casa R.A.R.O studios.


Who is R.A.R.O. aimed at?

R.A.R.O. residences are aimed at emerging and established artists, curators, and cultural managers, national and international, of all disciplines who are interested in carrying out itinerant residencies and who want to share a studio with local artists for the production of their work.

What are the R.A.R.O. times?


The residences have a recommended duration of 4 weeks for both the Multi-Residency and the Home Based Program. However, we accept residencies of a minimum of 3 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks.


You can find more information about the costs and times of the residencies in the HOW TO APPLY section.


Costs, Scholarships and Opportunities.

You can find all the specific information about residency costs in the HOW TO APPLY section. 


We will announce through our website and social networks when we open calls and have scholarships available for participating artists. If you want to apply for other scholarships and/or institutional or government aid, we will provide letters of invitation or acceptance to the program to those artists who have been selected to carry out the residency.

So far R.A.R.O. has provided a large number of scholarships for artists of different nationalities, and granted full scholarships for foreign artists thanks to alliances with Embassies, institutions, and other residency programs around the world.

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