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We are kicking off 2024 with the premiere of our new headquarters: CASA R.A.R.O. Onsite - Projects.

A space for artistic production, research and diffusion of more than 300 m2 located in the heart of the city of Barcelona. This initiative complements the itinerant nature that has characterized us for the last 4 years, and becomes the central space where projects, residencies, exhibitions and other artistic proposals that shape the universe of R.A.R.O. Barcelona converge.


The space is divided into three main sections: Production, Research, Exhibition.




Casa R.A.R.O. has a large artistic production space where local artists have their workshops on a permanent basis. These artists are the main nucleus of the space and form a small family that makes the space warm, friendly, open and full of constant creative energy.


Likewise, the production spaces have studios designed to receive international artists within the residency program of R.A.R.O. Barcelona. In these spaces, international residents who come to develop their projects will have a place to start their residencies, share with local artists, present their projects and exchange ideas, techniques, processes and other stages of the development of their residency. 


Casa R.A.R.O. will also be the place where at the end of the residencies, the artists will have the opportunity to show the result of their creative processes to the local public in an Open Studio format.  


We understand that exchange is a fundamental part of a residency. Casa R.A.R.O. facilitates these meeting spots where international artists can share creative spaces with local artists, thus enriching their experience and their stay in Barcelona.




At Casa R.A.R.O. we promote the processes of research and contemporary artistic conceptualization. That is why we have set up a space designed so that both local artists and international residents can develop their research, writing and curatorial projects. In this space it is possible to work directly with the artists who are carrying out their production projects, as well as to think of projects that will later be applied outside of Casa R.A.R.O. 's facilities. 


This new format opens the possibility of developing residencies exclusively for research for writers, curators and other people interested in research processes or in a stage prior to artistic production.

02_open studio.jpg



Another of the novelties offered by Casa R.A.R.O. is a contemporary art gallery for the promotion of emerging projects and the diffusion of internationally established artists. The gallery's exhibition calendar is nourished by open calls and invitations to selected artists to exhibit their projects in our space. We hope that those who exhibit in our gallery enter into conversation with the local and international contemporary art circuit.

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