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Mireia y sus Cosas


Mireia y sus Cosas studio is a space shared with three people related to the arts. The main techniques are painting and photography, it also has a set area with continuous backgrounds and spotlights.

The workshop is directed by Mireia Ruiz,

Mireia Ruiz, 1983, Barcelona. Visual artist. She completed her higher studies in graphic design at the BAU design school in Barcelona (2001-2005). After being part of several design studios, she joined Cocolia Studio (2009-2019), where she took over its art direction and developed creative photography and set design work for products. Today, she is dedicated to her artistic passion, addressing the use of color as a communicative tool. She also works as a teacher at the IDEP Barcelona design school, teaching “Creativity and Set design” classes, in the Graphic and Photography postgraduate courses.


120 m2 approx. of work space, with two heights. A photographic set space and a booth/workshop, where we can cut and paint with aerosols. It was an old car workshop and maintains an industrial style.

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