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Espronceda 164

|Sculpture|Installation|Site Specific|

The studio is located in the top loft of an old factory and is shared between two carpenters and me. We have enabled various workspaces (5) and storages rooms (3), which we rent to other artists and artisans. Apart from the studio there is a space in the entrance that can be used for larger works. A few meters from the studio there are other similar ateliers with local artists with whom I usually collaborate, exchange knowledge or hire as blacksmiths, painters, technicians, etc. As an artistic center we participate in the Open Studios that are organized once a year among all the workshops in the neighborhood.

The workshop is directed by Marga de la Llana.


Sculptor with 20 years of experience in the construction of fictional scenography for cinema, theater and museums. The workshop is equipped to work expanded polystyrene in large format, resins, silicones, molds, plastics, wood, foams, textiles ... I have technically made works by other artists such as Jaume Plensa, Perejaume, Frederic Amat, Melanie Smith and Allora & Calzadila.


Personal artwork in various materials, lately I experience the integration of textiles through sewing, printing and tapestry weaving.



Old factory of 250m² shared between different artists. Washbasin and a shared kitchen. My workshop is located in the loft of 20m² and has direct light from the street.

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