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B8 Estudio

| Painting|Drawing|

B8 Estudio opened in November 2019 as a joint project between the plastic artist Laura Bonello and the cultural manager Lucía Cortés, with the idea of ​​bringing art and books together in the same creative space. B8 is a bookstore specializing in illustrated books, independent editions, craft books, design, art, photography and film. And it is also the workshop and art gallery of Laura Bonello. In the store we have a selection of prints by illustrators, and the art gallery space hosts temporary exhibitions by different artists. We are located in the Born neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​near the Picasso Museum and behind the Santa María del Mar church, in one of the most picturesque neighborhoods of the old town.


Due to the nature of the space, where in addition to being an art workshop, it is also a specialized bookstore and art gallery, the space and working hours in the workshop may be more limited and these will have to be assessed depending on the time of the residence and the project to be carried out.

The studio is directed by the artist Laura Bonello and the representative of the space is Lucía Cortés

Laura Bonello, her works always focus on color, increasingly vibrant and defined. She currently has her workshop at B8 Estudio in the Born neighborhood of Barcelona. Her style is characterized by her vibrant color palette. In her oil paintings, the stroke of the brush or the hands can be observed, achieving a palpable texture effect. The acrylics are from different eras, many of them inspired by trips to Asia or Latin America, they show women with a calm and volatile character. In her most recent mixed media works, the use of an even brighter color is observed, which, together with newspaper and magazine clippings or calligraphy, make these works very dynamic.


The workshop is a place with access from the street, about 40m2. It is divided into two sectors: the bookstore part and the workshop-gallery space, each sector occupying approximately half of the premises.

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