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 Stéphanie Barbié Atelier


Welcome you to my workshop!, a space that came to life in 2016 with the purpose of being my creative refuge and, at the same time, a meeting point for artists from various disciplines.
From the beginning, my intention has been clear: to help other artists find a welcoming space and foster artistic synergy by mixing various disciplines. Over the years, the workshop has evolved and adapted to different stages and people who have left their mark. I have shared this space with passionate artists, each bringing their own unique perspective and creativity. Now, I invite you to join our artistic world. This workshop, located in a former printing press, is much more than just a workspace; It is a place steeped in the history of the neighborhood and the people who created it, where ideas flow, disciplines intertwine, and collaborations flourish.

Come and be part of this unique experience. Join us and make this workshop your creative home!

The workshop is directed by Stephanie Barbié, a French trained jeweler, resident in Barcelona since 2004. Today, she teaches creative workshops, while also managing her space and her company for creating and selling sculptures. mobile phones and jewelry.


Studio with access from the street, of about 150 square meters, which is divided into common work areas, individual tables and individual work areas. It also has an outdoor laundry room and a small terrace. It is a space that allows everyone to work comfortably, having their own quite defined space, which allows us to have a variety of disciplines in the same space since in the workshop we work with wood, metal, paper, resins, paint , cyanotype and fabric.

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