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Pentáculo Escultores

| Sculpture|

Pentaculo Escultores, opened in July 2011, with the need to have a space where we can materialize our ideas. We are multidisciplinary, we work with noble materials such as wood, metals and stone. One of the fundamental pillars of our work is recycling: trying to recover and put together recycled materials to give new life to some powerful and enigmatic pieces. Pentáculo is also a jewelry workshop, where mixing the creative wisdom of sculpture, pieces of immense aesthetic and conceptual value are made. Undoubtedly, Pentáculo Escultores, besides being a collective of artists and a physical and "metaphysical" studio, is a family, an exchange space, a home where we share art and life.

The techniques are mixed, such as: modeling, molds, wood carvings, assemblies and recycling. The space is fully shared and open, there is a constant exchange between resident artists.



We are located in the Poblenou neighborhood in Barcelona. The workshop has direct access from the street and is 125 square meters long, is divided into common work areas and individual tables.

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