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Open Call



Open Call Spring - Summer 2024 For residences between the months of February to July 2024 in any of our studios and with the accompaniment and advice of the entire R.A.R.O. team.



OpenBach Paris, Yellow Cube Gallery Paris and R.A.R.O. Barcelona are pleased to announce the open call for artists to participate in the third edition of the European Artistic Program during the months of May and June 2024 to develop production and research projects at our studios in Barcelona and Paris. The program includes a final group exhibition at the Parisian art contemporary gallery Yellow Cube Gallery at the end of the program.  



The residency Uberbau_house is an instance of reflection, research and documentation on contemporary art, as well as an opportunity of exchange with agents and organisations in São Paulo (Brazil) and all over Latin America.

The Residence is aimed at those who want:
> Develop an independent research
> Plan a strategy of art production or a strategy of career
> Write a thesis in process, essays or a book
> Deepen your knowledge in contemporary art


Padua Spring Residency  2023. We offering two partial Scholarships for international artist to do a residency in the Spring 2023 in the city of Padua, Italy.


The residency is aimed for creatives from different disciplines: painting; graphic design and social networks; illustration, mosaic and creative writing.

Viaparuta42 Art Studio is a workshop immersed in light and nature. The studio is an open space of about 200 m that is distributed over two floors


Black and White Summer Collage Instagram

W.I.P. presents a series of online workshops for emerging artists, where the needs of the participating artist are explored in a one on one format. Topics such as the analysis of theoretical and conceptual development of the work, portfolio design, artist statement, presentation of projects for grants, residencies, art competitions, etc ... or any other interest, the workshop will adapt to the personal interests of the participants.

The #Microresidencies offer the possibility of working for one or two weeks in one of our specialised studios in different artistic techniques so that you can conclude, or start if you wish, any artistic project that you have in mind.

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