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Oasis Creativo

| Painting|Drawing|

Being a very dynamic space with different artistic and creative expressions, we seek to meet and publicize different projects. Our intention with the residences is born with the intention of generating the growth of both the already residents and those who are to come. In addition, we also promote exchange with the external public, that is, we offer open days and other activities in our space so that there can be interaction.

The studio is directed by Lara Ruiz, she is a manager, art director, interior designer and motivated by all forms of art.

Oasis Creativo creates an ideal workplace for creative minds, in which networking among the residents of the space is encouraged. That is why we value knowledge exchanges and support each other.

If you are looking for a workplace in a creative environment, with people who have a place to eat with the family or have a vermouth in the sun, join Oasis Creativo Bcn and enjoy a unique environment in Poblenou!


Two warehouses of 120m2 and 175m2 with 6 meters high with a patio of 200m2. 3 bathrooms, two kitchens and a meeting room.

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