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Katia Muñoz ArtStudio

| Painting|Drawing|

The studio is prepared and organized to work on painting, drawing, collage, experimentation and other disciplines related to the pictorial world. It can work in large format, maximum could be 160 x 130cm. The studio is located inside an industrial warehouse where other artists work in different techniques with a great creative atmosphere.

The studio is run by Katia Muñoz


Visual Artist since 1995. She has exhibited her work in different countries of America and Europe. Her most recent individual exhibitions were ABSTRACT THINKING at the Space Gallery in Barcelona and SPACES DESIRED at the Tornby Gallery in Denmark and at the Olivart Art Gallery in Barcelona.

She was invited in 2019 to an artist-in-residence program in Germany and the Netherlands (2013) where she was selected by PAINT A FUTURE, this residence was developed in several Dutch cities.

Furthermore, she is a Cultural Manager, an independent curator and an artivist for Collaborative and Participatory Art in social and protest projects. She is interested in new ways to promote Culture and Art through networks and new technologies, as well as being an intermediary agent of interaction to promote gender and multicultural issues. Creator and manager of ABOUT WOMEN-International Project of Postal Art on Women exhibited in Spain, Colombia, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. Counting with more than 600 artists from all over the world who participated in this project.

Co-founder of ArtGestión Lab +, creating international exhibition projects such as WEArt in Poland. She collaborated as curator and jury of the TINAPrize.


The Studio is located in an industrial warehouse in the Gracia neighborhood, currently considered the area most focused on creativity and innovation in the city of Bcn. The space to work itself is approximately 4 x 10 meters.

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