Mireia Mateo


Mireia Mateo, a plastic artist born in Barcelona. She has been developing her work for over 25 years.

The paper material has become over the years her main work support. This specialization and passion for paper, has allowed her to achieve a great knowledge of the material and develop all its expressive and plastic qualities: the different types of paper, their specific qualities, the right adhesives, the manipulation of large formats, the collage, etc...

The studio is run by Mireia Mateo

The artist usually works in 'series', where poetic discourse coexists with abstraction. She is currently investigating pieces where she seeks a synesthesia between paper and sound, going beyond two-dimensional support and approaching a sculptural and installation idea.

Her work is in private collections: Castillo de Perelada Private Foundation, Banc de Sabadell Foundation, Mallorca, etc. Her next exhibitions are in Barcelona, ​​Sala Parés September 2019 and Tokyo, Brocken Gallery November 2019.



The studio is 70 square meters, with two differentiated work areas: 50 and 20. The work area for the resident is the 20 m2. The light is artificial, but with a natural light input through the door that connects the two spaces.