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Micro - residencies

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✅Looking for a workshop to finish that project that you started during quarantine?

✅Do you need a lathe to finish your ceramics and be able to bake them?

✅Do you need any tools to finish the sculptures you have in process?

✅Maybe you need a press to finish the engravings you already started?

The #Microresidencies offer the possibility of working for one or two weeks in one of our specialised studios in different artistic techniques so that you can conclude, or start if you wish, any artistic project that you have in mind. 🎨📝

Also, as a R.A.R.O. resident, we will take care of advising, promoting and disseminating your work through our social networks and website. 🌐🌐

Project 👉🏼choose a studio 👉🏼develop it in one (or two) weeks💥

+ INFO CONTACT US or send us an email to 📥📲

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