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Mireia Mateo understands and coexists with her work based on the certainty that art and life are inseparable.

Her current work shows her knowledge and sensitivity for the paper placed at the service of artistic expressiveness. The plastic universe that emerges from that encounter, like a landscape covered in mist, is elusive to any possible intention of defining it. its main characteristic is an express desire to remain suspended in the limbo that precedes the real and invites the viewer to linger floating in that indefinite contemplation. As the writer Enrique Vila-Matas already pointed out regarding her work: "In Mireia Mateo's works I perceive the new, the unnameable: traces, drifts, tropisms, traces of a vagabond firmament ..."


The painter began her training at the Drawing and Painting Academy "Taller de 4 Pintors" in Barcelona and later graduated in Fine Arts. But as she herself emphasises, it was the knowledge of the work and the person of the Barcelona painter Luis Marsans, for his advice and frequent conversations about painting, decisive in completing her artistic education.

Her works have been exhibited at the Nahim Isaías Museum in Ecuador, at the Perelada Castle Museum, at the Espai Mallorca in Barcelona, ​​and collectively, at the Can Framis Museum of the Vila-Casas Foundation in Barcelona, ​​at the Design Museum from Barcelona and at the CosmoCaixa in the same city.

Mireia has exhibited in various galleries in Barcelona, ​​where she has also worked together with artists from other disciplines in the field of installation. She has been a finalist in different painting and drawing awards, and a scholarship from the Ramon Llull Institute. She has made various collaborations as a cartoonist, the last of which was the publication of the book “Barcelona. Live sea ”, for the Barcelona City Council.

She has recently established links with paper masters from Saitama Prefecture, Japan, where she held her most recent exhibition (Gallery Brocken, Tokyo, November 2019).

Mireia currently works and researches the synesthesia between her paper sculptures and sound.

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