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La Bayka


"Espacio la BAYKA" is an independent non-profit space that promotes and favors the exchange and creation of performing arts through a network of work for the production, research, residences and local, national and international collaborations. It is an entity that favors and develops new networks, works and develops a relationship with local and foreign artists. La Bayka seeks to promote knowledge in the marionettes and object theater, while facilitating the development of creative processes and the creation of links and interaction between artists from different disciplines, audience, institutions, associations, independent spaces and organizations from all fields both nationally and internationally through the various artistic activities and practices.

The studio is run by Mauricio Riobó

-2001 to date. Actor and director of the company "Mau Theater".

-2000-2001 Actor and manipulator in the assembly of theater of objects: "La Lampe sur la Terre". Theatrical play represented at the Berlin Theater Festival, in Switzerland and in different rooms in France. Original work by Chilean writer Patricio Mans. Director: Ezequiel García Romeau. Invited by the MINISTRY OF FRENCH CULTURE and the "Granit Theater" of the city of Belfort (France). -

1997- 2000 Actor, designer and puppet manipulator for the "Nexo Arte" Consultant. Director: Roberto Sánchez. Santiago, Chile. 1

999 Technical support in the making of giant skulls in the company "Circus Theater". Director: Andrés Pérez. Santiago, Chile. -

1999- 1998 Puppet actor and manipulator for the children's montage "Magic Page". Director: Valeria Correa. Santiago, Chile

-1998 Design and preparation of giant dolls for children's assembly “The Tree of Tales Director: Hugo Medina. Santiago, Chile.

1997-1997 Designer of giant dolls for the inauguration of the South American Soccer Championship “SUB 20”. Iquique, Chile.

1992 1995 Actor of the theater company “No more” Director: Ramón Jonquera Iquique, Chile



The studio has a large room 5,20m x 11m / height changes from 3m to 6m- There is also a small room: 2.5x 3.5m

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