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Gerard Torres Sanmartí graduated from the Master of Artistic Production and Research from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona. He is currently pursuing his PHD in "Advanced Studies in Artistic Productions" at the UB. At the same time he directs and produces the radio program "El Cub Blanc" on Radio Sabadell 94.6fm. Gerard combines his artistic practice with the direction at the Academy of Fine Arts of Sabadell Fundación Privada.

His work is framed within painting, not as a medium but contained in itself, he works concepts of expansive painting with its own mechanics between an active and a passive process, thus regenerating its production by intentionally combining its control system over the work with chance and error.

He has recently exhibited at the Werner Thöni gallery, the Semi Space Underground in Beijing, the Zhi Art Museum in Shenzen as well as the H10 gallery in Barcelona, Fabra i Coats Center d'Art Contemporani, the Museu del Disseny HUB or the Sabadell Art Museum , city where he works and currently resides. He has been selected in competitions such as Fundació SETBA Jove, Arts FAD or the Biennale Jeune Creation Europeénne.

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