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Echo Escuela Taller

| Textil Art|

Echo is a school - workshop focused on the development of textile craft techniques. At Echo we have a coMaking space where creative people design and carry out their own projects independently while exchanging ideas and interests among themselves. In the workshop we have tools and materials to work techniques such as tufting gun, high warp tapestry, macramé, punch needle, crochet, embroidery and others. In addition, we have courses and workshops to specialize or try different techniques.


The space is directed by Julia Cabeza, founder and director of Echo. Julia studied film, art direction and ephemeral construction at ESCAC. Before starting Echo, she built sets for movies and commercials and worked in the art department on shoots. She had a workshop from where she designed and created with wood, paint, porexpan and textiles.

Her passion for the craft arts and her versatile skills led her to create Echo, from where she combines the direction and management of space with the continuous exploration of textile craft techniques and their application in modern life.

Echo is located in a very quiet passage in the Gracia neighborhood, very close to the Sagrada Familia. The school is about 70m2 with a 125m2 terrace, from where a lot of natural light enters. In the space there are large tables for residents to work. On a higher floor, there are two workshops where other artists work

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