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I am an artist with a special interest in storytelling. My professional artistic career has been articulated for the last twenty years, from different entrances and positions that have created transversal works.

Drawing, animation, painting, illustration, comics or performance have been territories or rather tools that I have equipped myself with,  which I have opted for a way of tell stories, which uses one or many of these disciplines in combination. That means that these language tools are used, but also that I know how to teach them and how to combine them, in the event that the student has different routes and interest in linking them.

None of the tools interests me more than the other, perhaps the axis of my gaze as creator and teacher is my esteem for intuition, poetic power, the pleasure of drawing and movement. Parallel to my professional work as a creator, I discovered that I was able to accompany and teach others to express themselves.

The multiplicity of tools and approaches that I already brought with me allowed me to design myself a special and rich place as a teacher. In recent years I have played a role as an educator in cultural institutions, art spaces, and galleries.

I am an artist who shares what he has learned. A creator with a self-taught background, someone who has designed their learning and construction process with a wide range of interests, professional territories and techniques. I offer the possibility of developing within a specific discipline or an alliance between several and the tools necessary to do so, but above all, I offer sensitive listening.

I propose a series of training exercises, some technical, others of theoretical or historical interest, in short, to elaborate a research work and affect new ways and artists, which can help us to shape the path we will advance together.

I have collaborated with art and design centers and schools such as IDEP, BAU, MASSANA or the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Occasionally I provide my services as a cultural mediator and educator to pedagogical teams of the CCCB, Tecla Sala or the Fundació Miró.

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