Atelier Café

| Collage| 

Ground floor, former local with direct access to the Plaça del Sortidor.

Flexible space with table, chairs, easel, lights, space to exhibit, natural morning light, projector and screen, an art collection and art books.

It is located in a quiet neighborhood of Barcelona - Poblesec - next to Montjuïc, with many parks and gardens, views of the city the mountains and the sea

El atelier esta dirigido por Harry Hancock y Jimmy Cortés

Harry Hancock is a multidisciplinary artist who explores identity and gender through a framework of semi-autobiographical people (collectively known as "Atelier Café BCN", and developed with Jimmy), each with a different focus and oeuvre. Hancock, a multilingual art historian and musician who has lived in four countries, has an unusually broad stylistic range and uses this personal system to organize, focus and develop each line of artistic practice. Each work of art is an expression of semi-autobiographical character. Common to all characters is a basis in observational figurative art, a knowledge of its history and a concern for its implications and responsibilities. They combine historical and modern elements. Stylistically, they range from realism to abstraction. They respond to life in the era of globalism and digital technology by fostering an interactive relationship with their audiences. Harry Hancock grew up in England. He studied portraits and landscapes at plein air in Florence and Art History at the Courtauld Institute in London. He has lived for eleven years in New York, painting and teaching Latin and art.


Jimmy Cortés is a professional makeup and hair designer / artist. After 20 years working in New York on Broadway and Met Opera (and five more in regional opera). A first-generation Cuban-American was born and raised in Little Havana, the Cuban enclave of Miami, and grew up speaking Spanish and English. Jimmy left his hometown (and his Cuban bubble) to study Costume Design, before moving to Wigs & Make-Up, at the North Carolina School of Arts. After leaving NCSA, he was first hired as an apprentice, then as a staff member, at the Santa Fe Opera. 25 years later, and has worked in opera (regional, then, finally, 8 years at the Metropolitan Opera in New York ) on Broadway (including Phantom, Lion King and Wicked: green-fication of 20 different witches for 6 years), TV (including Gossip Girl, Forever), charity events (including Broadway Bars, Gypsy of the Year), printed (included head shots and album covers with Dirty Sugar, a photography team in Brooklyn and in various functions and events of the Broadway press as a freelance) and one year, the opportunity to work in New York Fashion Week. He has also designed for Broadway (Hands on a Hard Body) and off-Broadway (Queen of the Night). While Jimmy has a wide range of theatrical and photographic skills / HD Makeup, he specializes in characterization. These skills include: Theatrical, beauty and HD makeup Hair and makeup design Period and contemporary hairdresser Wig making - "Ventilation" Construction of facial hair FX makeup / Prosthesis / Bald calzas Body paint.



Flexible space with table, chairs, easel, lights, space to exhibit, natural morning light, projector and screen, an art collection and art books.

4m height - 8m length, 4m width approx. + bathroom

Garden-patio space behind for special projects.